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Public Comments:

Comment #1: Mainly, I hope something gets done about the train noise (blaring horn) at and near the crossings between Ash, the station and Wood Dale roads. Some trains seem to blast their horns all the way from Ash until past (heading west) Wood dale rd. I live across the fence from the tracks and it is embarrassing and annoying. Also, I hope the stop light system at Wood Dale and Irving park roads gets organized when all work complete. When the gates are down for an arriving train, cars heading north west from Wood Dale rd should be able to turn left (west) since no other traffic can pass.

Comment #2: As a business owner in Wood Dale, I am grateful that the city is asking for involvement. So often people are only aware of community development in the towns they live. Great step forward Wood Dale.

Comment #3: Now that the Irving/Wood Dale Rd intersection is completed, there must be an effort to improve the Irving Park corridor travelled by so many. Instead of an attractive town center, we have a Title Max, boarded up apartment building, many empty store fronts. No appeal. Combine that with constant overhead air traffic and protesters in front of the clinic in the middle of town, and Wood Dale does not look like an attractive place to live.

Comment #4: We need something to draw people to the city. I know I read a couple years back that Wooddale was going to get a “Main” street. I hope this plan still goes through. You look at towns like Rosemont, with their proximity to the airport, and they built the outlet mall and entertainment district to draw people their. The restaurants and movie theater are always busy. I go there at least twice a month because we don’t have any options like that by us.

Comment #5: I have lived in Wood Dale for most of my life mostly because of the affordability. The main drag, Irving Park Rd has absolutely no curb appeal. I suppose that the unattractiveness makes it affordable to me. I believe Wood Dale has too many liquor and tobacco stores. Any town with a business like Titlemax in the heart of it cannot attract the kind of families it desires.

Comment #6: As a new resident to Wooddale it would of been nice to have a welcoming package that tells me more about the area. I’ve been here a little over a year, and I still don’t know a lot about Wooddale.

Comment #7:  We are fairly new residents (just over 1 year). The suggestions I make may or may not be appropriate because I may be unaware. I would like to see incentives for business to come. In particular, there seems to be a lack of a coffee chain (i.e. Starbucks), a more reasonable clothing/houseware (Good Will), a need for more recognized name restaurants (IHOP?), a broader home hardware (Home Depot, Lowes, Menard even if smaller scale). We should consider what are the store types or trips we all make to other communities because Wood Dale lacks that opportunity?

As a new resident, it would be wonderful if there was a printed booklet to welcome and inform that could be available to hand out when the first vehicle sticker is issued (to ask if they would like it). Or, a more cost effective choice to use existing publications to the community with a page spread to direct to a “Wood Dale a Welcome Difference Welcomes You!” welcome page that would divide all the business segments by name/address and give a live link to their company. Since the town is spread out, it is harder to know what may be available. Doing this would also help create more business for our community.

There may be outdoor concerts but I am not aware. If not, that would be a wonderful addition to bring the community together for a wide range of style, not just contemporary, but jazz, country, big band, instrumental or ensembles of classical. I see Prairie Fest but that seems to focus around other activities and not have a broad spectrum of music. Perhaps there is a large percentage of Wood Dale that is a certain ethnicity…..maybe Mexican music or at least Spanish music would be appropriate for one concert as an example. I believe Addison did Italian music.

I don’t believe there is an established “brand” or logo phrase for Wood Dale. Some suggestions to consider: Wood Dale Difference!  (or to echo the “w” and the “d”) Wood Dale a Welcome Difference!  And, to expand on the slogan perhaps…..A Community Welcoming You to Join Making a Difference! I was unable to attach the google doc that had the formatting suggestion.

It would be helpful to also have more information on the construction project on Addison Road & Irving. I believe it is a new community center with a park around? This should be highlighted as it is in progress, as well as after it is completed. Perhaps that will create the center that could be used for outdoor concert…..and have hot dogs, etc for sale by local vendor….maybe funnel cake, hamburger, or ask Sweet Baby Rays (a likely candidate). I am excited to see what impact can occur.

Comment #8: I would like to see the city to continue to develop the area of Irving Park and Wood Dale roads. Develop the new open space to attract activities and events. The commercial/retail corridor along Irving Park Road needs major help! The park district needs to get aggressive in fixing up and enhancing their parks! It seems that every program they offer is stagnant or does not really support athletic programs (baseball and swimming). Would like the city to attract more retail business to generate sales tax revenue.

Comment #9: Resident for almost 40 years, always felt that there is too much talk and not enough action when it comes to city planning. Projects take too long to complete. No significant retail in town. The main intersection in town does not work for residents. Train traffic and noise increasing every year, No town center. Speaking with a person at city hall is even getting harder to do.

Comment #10: Would like Irving Park or Wood Dale road to develop more ma & pa shops and businesses, sort of like Long Grove- Geneva. Would add interest to our community , contribute to tax base. Create additional revenue with additional seasonal based events.

Comment #11: Concerned about the promotion of patriotism in our community in regards to the next generation. Our Memorial Day parade is wonderful. However, members of the next generation are not being encouraged to attend the Memorial Day service after the parade. The youth of our town are learning that Memorial Day is to watch a parade and collect candy. It is imperative that scout troops and other youth groups at least be in attendance. The next generation will be running these events one day. We are handicapping them by not making sure they know the meaning of this event. Same with Veterans’ Day.  We owe everything we enjoy to our veterans. This whole attempt at promoting patriotism and civic responsibility needs to be looked at and revamped. The kids are learning the wrong message. Collect candy, watch the parade, and leave without any lesson in WHY we are all there that day.

Comment #12: Wood dale tax’s are very high for the average young home owner raising children. Too many trains and air planes, can not even enjoy sitting on your patio.

Comment #13: Metra is a big headache with blowing horn passing Wood Dale, Bensenville and Itasca don’t have any more this problem-quiet zone- don’t think at least Ash ave can be One like that ? We pass all kind construction on Irving Park for “safety” last year and ? There is no future to live in peace in this town? We talking about O’Hare noise, please come closer to rail road when Canadian train passing by, than we can talk about noise. I’ll wait to the end of this year, if nothing change I’m going away. Closed business, sale the house and walk away.

Comment #14: Yes stop the train horns , there is no reason other then waking up residence . I live right on the tracks between the station and ash trains blow at my front door and I am 3 blocks from either crossing no reason at all there are three fences no one is crossing. Funny on Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock trains go by without a sound . I thought part of the year long Irving intersection crossing was no train horns . They actually added more bells and lights . How did Itasca and Bensenville accomplish this ?

Comment #15: Before focusing on attracting more business to the area, try focusing on attracting more residence to the area. Improve schools, park districts, after school programs, and living quality. Be the main voice in fighting air traffic/train noise.

Comment #16: I lived in Wood Dale for several years and my small business has been located here for 27 years. Wood Dale was a great place to be for a business and home owner but has fallen behind in modernization. I don’t feel proud that my business is located there as I once was. The drive down Irving Park Road tells the story. I can tell you the people of Wood Dale deserve a better city as well as the business owners. I hope that there will be more communication with businesses about all that will be going on in Wood Dale. Thank you for providing this website to learn about Wood Dale’s plan and to share ideas.

Comment #17: The comprehensive plan open house was a definite positive. Our city belongs to it’s residents. Asking their opinions about what their tax money is used for is the way it should be. They are the constituents that our elected officials ran to represent. Getting a consensus of the residents they represent is the essence of the elected position. Kudos to whomever decided to ask the taxpayers in depth about their needs and concerns. Keep it coming. And, the old SBT facility was a wonderful venue.

Comment #18: I agree with so many of the ideas, complaints and kudos here. It would be great to have a downtown Wood Dale at Wood Dale & Irving. When I’m asked where I live many have never heard of or know where Wood Dale is located until I mention Itasca, Bensenville, or O’hare. It would be nice for Wood Dale to be known on it’s own merits. I also wanted to address the new residents. There is a Wood Dale newsletter, very informative. I wonder though if it would be more cost effective to only have color for the cover, etc. I get the impression many are getting tossed. Maybe send newsletter via email, or ask residents how they would like to receive information. MAYBE we could save a little $ to use on something else.

Comment #19: Seems to me we need to decide if we want to attract new families and businesses as a town, or not. If we do, the “nothing new or nice because it would raise our property taxes” attitude needs to change. We need to start investing in our residential areas (open the reservoir! Cover exposed storm drain areas), make our small commercial districts attractive (walkable, shoppable, beautiful), and most of all stop fighting progress and start embracing it. We have a great location, a school district that can/should thrive, a potential world class golf/forest preserve facility, and a diverse populace. I’d love to be here in 10 years with my kids if this community evolves and invest in itself, but I don’t see us being here if the top priorities of community leaders are petitioning about O’Hare noise (we took a hilariously niave position and continue to) and fighting development in an effort to keep our property values down.

Comment #20: So glad so many are sharing thoughts about WoodDale. My husband and I want to thank all of you who signed the “No Train Horn” Petition that he went door to door with 5 years ago! We have been told so many stories by so many City Officials that we are beginning to lose faith that it will ever happen. In 3 years it won’t matter anyway because we plan on retiring and moving. The Plane noise…….the response…..sound proof your homes is what they have to offer. We use to enjoy sitting on our back patio every night but that has now changed to once a week! It’s so sad! I think that before Wood Dale worries anymore about bringing businesses and people to Wood Dale you have to stop the NOISE!!!!! Don’t waste the Tax Payers monies!

Comment #21: Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas and opinions! I would agree with those who have concerns about the train and airplane noise. I live in the path where the planes take off and land. It’s hard to talk to neighbors or family when we’re outdoors. I love the idea of having a main street with a variety of shops. I grew up in La Grange, which had and still has a wonderful downtown area. I think there are so many possible opportunities and so many creative ideas that we can all help to make Wood Dale a wonderful place to be.

Comment #22: Any chance that Commercial will finally be paved and curbed? I have lived on Commercial since 1990 and all the north-south streets have been redone. I assumed Wood Dale was waiting for completion of the Irving Park – Wood Dale intersection improvement, which is now completed and which extends up to Commercial.

Comment #23: No mega home improvement stores – ex: Menards, Home Depot or Lowes are located within our neighborhood – Wood Dale – Itasca – Addison – Bensenville. Maybe some kind of agreement can be reach to build one of them. I think that all of our citizens and contractors from our area will become regular customers, not having to drive lot of miles to and loosing lot of time to find whatever they need within our neighborhood. I hope that out Mayor will look into it!

Comment #24: A TRADER JOES would be great as well as some nice restaurants!

Comment #25: Getting community input is a great start. I was born and raised in this town, and decided to make it my permanent home buying a house a few years ago. I would love to see a great downtown and pedestrian-friendly areas to get around town. The train noise is excessive; definitely keep pushing for the quiet zone our neighboring towns enjoy. More local businesses and less empty storefronts will help beautify the town and help our financial footing. I must say though, something to keep in mind with wanting to draw more people to our great city, is a needed focus to keep crime rates down. I love living in a town where I feel safe, and don’t want that to change.

Comment #26: I myself have the same issue with the freight trains coming at night and blasting away the horn from Irving park and wood dale rd. all the way to the train yard in Bensenville.

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