SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhat is a Comprehensive Plan?
The Wood Dale Comprehensive Plan will establish a common vision for the community. It will be long-range and general in nature to address the ongoing
change and evolution of the community. In addition, it will provide an action plan and framework for future decision-making about new development and community investment.

A foundation of the Plan will be its goals and objectives, identified through extensive public input, that provide a clear picture of how the community intends to grow. Building on that base, the Plan sets a direction for policies and programs related to zoning regulations, capital improvements, and budget allocations. Other plan recommendations will address land use, transportation, infrastructure, housing, economic development, community facilities and a defined community identity (a brand) to uniquely position Wood Dale in the region.

Why Should I be Involved?
The Plan can only be successful if it reflects the values, needs and priorities of the community. Your input and ideas will ensure that Wood Dale’s assets, challenges and opportunities are understood. By participating in the planning process, you can influence the goals and objectives, which will be reflected in recommended actions that impact everyone’s quality of life.

How Do I Get Involved?
Take a look around this project website to:

  • Share your ideas (survey & comments)
  • Follow the project’s progress
  • Comment on Draft Plans
  • Subscribe to project updates
  • Contact the project team

The Wood Dale Comprehensive Planning process began in November of 2016 with a kick-off meeting with City staff. The four firms working with the City of Wood Dale on this plan are Teska Associates, Inc., Business Districts, Inc., wohltgroup, and Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.